Thursday, October 4, 2012

DiY: Feed Our Birds

Feeding the birds is rewarding and it's an enjoyable hobby for everyone to be able to sit and watch the birds. The weather is starting to get a little chilly so lets let the kids get a little messy while making these adorable bird feeders. When your done hang them outside and watch the birds come and nibble.What you'll need: Birdseed, peanut butter (make sure no one has allergies), corn syrup, Flour, gelatin, warm
water, cookie cutters and string.

Learn how to make these beautiful bird feeders...
How to:
2 cups mix birdseed, 1/2 cup peanut butter, water, 1 Cups Flour and 2-3 tablespoons corn syrup and 1 package of gelatin. First, mix the warm water and gelatin together (read package), add all remaining ingredients (except the seeds) and mix. then add the seeds and until it forms a play-doh consistency. 

Place parchment paper onto a tray, spoon the birdseed mixture on top of the parchment paper and use cookie cutters to make shapes or form by hand "compress". Push the ends of the sting into the centre of each mold and "compress the bird mixture" to the string, then freeze overnight.  Note: I tied a knot with the ends of the string and pushed the "knot end" into the mixture; I did this so it would hold better. Hang out-sidein the trees or in your garden.

 Wee' have ours hanging in the tree and they look fabulous. Do you have a bird food ideas?  We will post it for you, email -


  1. Great Idea, I love feeding the birds & the squirrels. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Hi there, did you ever find your bird? I'm so sad for you, I'll keep looking it.


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