Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tot Talk: You Break It - You Buy It!

                                      Picture: Pinned by Sylvia Roque
Have you ever been yelled at by another mother because of what your child had done? I have; with 4 children it's bound to happen. When my daughter was 7 she spilt...

RED NAIL POLISH on WHITE CARPET. Ouch!! First and for most, as a parent and a good role model, you need to stay calm and you need to make sure that you get the whole story. Don't forget to ask questions: Are you sure he/she did it? Who was with him/her? What happened? How much will it cost to replace?
My rule of thumb is:Have your child apologize; I always had my children write apology letters, "IF" they in fact damaged something that wasn't theirs and I would only have them write an apology letter "IF" I felt it was serious enough to merit such a letter. I also had my children work off the cost with some home chores for re-payment for the damaged item.  Accidents do happen, so don't be too hard on your child. 9 times out of 10 the owners of the damaged goods will suck it up or go through household insurance for the expensive damaged item's. 
Have you ever had to handle a situation similar to this?  Tell us how you handled it. Email us -

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