Saturday, October 20, 2012

Auction: Pamper Yourself

Refine Express Spa  
You'll find everything you need at, Refine Express Spa  
with quality. Service and prices that are hard to beat.
Manicures $40. & under, Pedicures $40. & under.

Gift Certificate (No expiry Date)
Valued at: $100.00
Starting Bid: $30.00  

A One Hundred Dollar Gift Card can give you and a friend a wonderful evening at the Spa. Get out and relax with someone you love. Relax while having a Body Scrub, Refresh Facial, Manicure, Pedicure or a Make-Up Treatment. 10% off manicure/pedicure combo. The prices are excellent! 

"Refine Express Spa... $100.00 Gift Card"
Located on 15th & Marine Drive West Vancouver

Description: $100.00 Dollar Gift Card to the Refine Express Spa (No expiry Date)
Introducing express esthetic services, for people on the go! With services such as, our Remarkable Champagne and Caviar Facial, Recline Dreams Pedicure and Rainforest Mani-cure. You will leave feeling at your best from the inside out! We offer top lines in skin care and provide the best services we have to offer.The number one Product line that is carried at Refine Express Spa is Kerstin Florian. Kerstin Florian International builds on the cornerstones to well being - sound nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind and care of the face and body.

Is your child creative, does he/she have a talent that they'd like to share with us for the Auction? If your child likes to be recorded or video taped and would like to offer an Auction item, send us your video or Wee' will come to you. 100% goes to BCCHF

How it Works: Our silent Auction is very simple. Leave your bid $$ in the comment box below with your name. Increase in intervals of your choice! You will be contacted if you are the highest bidder. Please pay via cheque payable to Pam Potts and your item will be mailed asap! (Free Shipping) Good Luck! 
Donations: 100% of proceeds go to BC Children's Hospital. Thank you  Refine Express Spa. 


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