Friday, October 19, 2012

Auction: The Treasure Gem

The Treasure Gem  
This bracelet was made to give you peace and harmony in your life, with an ocean themed for a sense of freedom, calmness and soothing

Gift Certificate
Valued at: $25.00
Starting Bid: $10.00                                                   
  Sydney's Video

Made by Sydney for Wee Care.

"The Treasure Gem... $25.00 Value up for Bids"

The Treasure Gem is the Canadian provider of the best priced Pandora style bracelets, beads, bookmarks, key chains and our new Pandora style cell lanyards. Our imitation Pandora jewellery and accessories make great stocking stuffers and gifts for Christmas. birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

Is your child creative, does he/she have a talent that they'd like to share with us for the Auction? If your child likes to be recorded or video taped and would like to offer an Auction item, send us your video or Wee' will come to you. 100% goes to BCCHF

How it Works: Our silent Auction is very simple. Leave your bid $$ in the comment box below with your name. Increase in intervals of your choice! You will be contacted if you are the highest bidder. Please pay via cheque payable to Pam Potts and your item will be mailed asap! (Free Shipping) Good Luck! Please feel free to Bid higher..., Kids are worth every penny. 
Donations: 100% of proceeds go to BC Children's Hospital. Thank you The Treasure Gem. 


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