Friday, October 19, 2012

Kid Cool: Look What Sydney Made

While travelling I met a very talented young girl (Sydney) who spends her weekends making bracelets for tourists. She had such charisma and spoke so well.  I think she knew I was going to buy a bracelet before I even knew.

I had decided that we would make a bracelet to Auction off on the Wee Care Site, so Sydney and I 
started to pick out the beads that we thought my "blogger followers" might like.....

Sifting through thousands of beads.
We hope you like the ocean theme. I was asked to pick out 11 glass beads ( I chose 9 pink bead to support women and anti bulling and 2 blue for the ocean), 11 metal beads: seals, clams with pearls, starfish and a seahorse (ocean themed for a sense of freedom, calmness and soothing) and 1 metal bead that has a musical note to represent ocean sounds. 

There is nothing more soothing than the sound of the ocean.
This bracelet is made to give you peace and harmony in life. Sydney did a fantastic job at helping me put it all together. loved Sydney's entertaining personality and with mom in the background 
watching over us, I could tell that mom is very proud of her daughter. Thank you Sydney.

Can you see yourself giving this bracelet to someone you love?  Would you like to give your child an opportunity to show off his/her talent and present the item for our Auction?

Is your child creative, does he/she have a talent that they'd like to share with us for the Auction? If your child likes to be recorded or video taped and would like to offer an Auction item, send us your video or Wee' will come to you. 100% goes to BCCHF


  1. Good Job Sydney. The bracelet is very pretty.

  2. Wow, that is beautiful and what a great cause. Nice job!


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