Thursday, October 18, 2012

D.I.Y.: Pumpkins made with Burlap

I'm really into burlap these days. I'm even thinking that this year I'll decorate my boat in different types of burlap for the fall and dare I mention...Christmas!! Watch For Fridays Auction!
Lets start with a pumpkin since it is almost Halloween. Give this a try...
to make this Pumpkin Burlap you will need the following...
  • Burlap
  • Yarn  
  • needle
  • Fill 
  • Sewing machine
  • Green Fabric Paint
Burlap really likes to fray so feel free to sew around the edges of the burlap before beginning. Decide what size of pumpkin you want and cut it to that length.
  • Fold the burlap length wise in half and sew it into a tube.
  • Take one end of the tube and sew it shut (this will be the bottom of the pumpkin.)
  • Turn it right side out.
Fill it with the stuffing of your choice. Once the bag is full, gather at the top and tie it off (I used Raffia), this part will be the stem.
Take a long pieces of yarn or raffia and thread the needle. Start at the bottom and pull it through all the way to the top (where you tied off the stem.)  Determine how tight you want the raffia. Once tied off. snip the raffia and do this move 4 - 5 more times up and down your pumpkin.

Now add some green fabric paint lines on the stem. Beautiful!!   Happy Halloween!
For more on creative pumpkins  kristanlynn 
Watch to see how I will turn my boat lounge and the galley from drab to gorgeous! Coming up in November. What did you do with your pumpkin this year?

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