Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Giveaway 2012 - TIm Horton's - Everyone wins

Thank you to everyone who sent in their Halloween photo's! The pictures warmed our hearts and reminded us that this is what Halloween is about. 

Look at me.. my first Halloween. 
Wee' only wish that we could give all of you a giveaway gift card. Who Won Our Last Giveaway? 
Please view these precious photo's and find out who won! Be prepared to smile....

Oh., so so cute!

Such a little darling! Love the smile..

Super adorable and great costume.
Halloween is fun and your going to love it.
Awe, puppies

The tiniest pink cowgirl ever!!

Silly little girl.., love how proud and happy she is. 
Big brother and little sister ready to go out.
Stay calm.., quick.., someone take his pulse.
Wow, dad made this costume and look how proud this little guy is.
Another beautiful cowgirl.
Our little Toy Story Woody. Hey, where's the pull-string?
Awe.., I love M & M's.. Very cute!
The belly dancer of the family, very pretty.
Whoo, Whoo is this little cutie? So sweet.
 I'm a little embarrassed, but I still love being a dinosaur.
Look how happy this little trick-or-treater is.
The One Eyed Monster. Ha Ha, so cute.
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Thank you so much for participating. Wee' couldn't pick just one child because, all of you look fabulous! Guess what....., YOU ALL WIN!! Here's what Tim Horton's did for our participant's.., "Tim Horton's" is offering every family that submitted a photo (One per family & 16 yr.'s and under) a $10.00 gift card. 
Please Leave a Comment below.. Wee' love comments.

On behalf of the Wee Care Clinic and Tim Horton's we wish all of you a very safe Halloween. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending us your photo's.. Wee' loved them! Dead line Nov. 15th 2012.
To claim your gift-card please forward your mailing address to 


  1. How nice that everyone gets a gift card.

  2. Wow, we never win anything! I love all the cute little kiddies dressed up for Halloween J I was looking at your site this morning and realized you are on the other side of the country!

    Karen Scott

    1. Hi Karen, Wee' are so happy that you won!! Thank you so much for taking part in our giveaway <3 Wee Care Watch for the next giveaway or for great deals on the Auction Items.

  3. Thank you so much :) The Halloween photos are great!

    1. The photos really are cute. Watch for our Post Next Week on one of our little Doctor's visit to BC Children's Hospital. <3 Wee Care

  4. Wow! That's so nice. Thank you.

    1. You're welcome. Please watch for our next giveaway. <3 Wee Care

  5. Thanks so much!!!

    1. Thank you.., and you're welcome. <3 Wee Care appreciate that you took the time to participate.

  6. Hello!
    Thank you so much for the gift card, it is very nice of you to give everyone one.

    1. Big thank you to Tim Hortons for their very generous donation. Thank you, for entering your child's photo, that was very kind of you.

      <3 Wee Care

  7. Thanks so much for letting them all be winners! A huge Thanks to Tim Hortons for making a generous donation! Thanks from The Dosanjh Family!!

  8. You are welcome and YES a huge thank you to Time Hortons for the very kind donation. <3 Wee Care


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