Monday, October 15, 2012

Tot Talk: It's NOT your fault!

How many of you out there have had bed-wetters "or" is your child still wetting the bed? 2 out of 4 of my kids wet the bed and some days I thought it was never going to end. Kids start to notice that they need to go (pee) between the ages of 2 - 4 and usually they'll notice this during the day time. As they grow bigger, their bladders can hold more and more pee and they can hold it for longer periods of time.
During the problems, but at night, when the brain stops listening...
the bed is WET. I have heard that 1in 20 ten year olds today have this problem and in a  large class of 5 year olds there are around 4 -5 kids that are bed wetters.  Mom & Dads have to remember that kids feel mad, embarrass, feel like a baby and are up-set because they can't sleep at a friends "or" the fright of having a friend stay over night is sometimes too much to handle.

Punishing kids for wetting the bed, not giving kids drinks after dinner, waking them up at all hours of the night..., does not work! It's just going to take time. Your child will gradually become aware of their own body and how it works, we just have to be patient.
Here are some of of my tips:
  • I bought a plastic lining or a mattress-protector for the bed and told my kids that even grown-up use these (even grown-up have accidents.) This worked so well, in the morning the kids would place their wet pajamas' into the middle of the lining, roll it up and place it into the wash. 
  • When friends slept over.., we always used sleeping bags. The sleeping bag would have the lining and an extra set of pajamas' at the bottom of the bag (no kids ever knew.) Oh, they may ask, why they had new pajamas' on. My kids would reply, "I like these one better." It worked well.
  • Always have your child shower or take a bath on the wet mornings and always have clean clothes. When you live with that smell every day you begin to not smell the urine, but trust me it's there.. give a spray to the room during the day and make sure your children to smell nice.
  • Some people use alarms, my kids didn't like it, but ask your child if he/she would like to try it.
Reiterate with your child that he/she is not the only one that wets the bed and that they WILL grow out of this.  Do you have any great tips that may help someone?  Comment below....

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