Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tot Talk: "Mom..let me make it!"

Fresh food, easy to handle containers and free choices, that's a recipe for a great lunch.

You better put something your kids are going to like into that lunch box or guess what's going to happen to the food that you so lovingly put together for your child...

Friends will eat it "or" it will end up in the garbage. School days can be so long for some children. Kids need a lunch that will help keep up their energy and cognitive thinking going strong. Moms really need to be on top of fresh ideas for the lunch box (thank goodness for the Internet.) Lets face it the same boring lunch everyday.., will always have the results,... "boring!"
For some great lunch ideas go to :Another Lunch

Here are some tips: Ask your child what they like best in their lunches, let them help make it, let your child come shopping with you to pick out food for their lunch, teach your child about good food verses bad food and what foods can do to help their bodies, Freeze your child drink boxes - let your child put the drink box or container in the freezer and let them get it out in the morning, Let your child be creative while making lunches and remember he/she will be the one eating it not you, so it's ok if their creations looks gross! Our goal is to encourage kids to eat something, even if it's just a little bit.
For more lunch ideas.. Smug Mug
At what age did you start letting your child make his/her own lunches? 


  1. I let my kids make their own lunches all the time. It's quite a delightful thing to watch, but a big mess to clean up.

    1. Ha ha, yes.., the clean up is always there when kids and husbands are around.


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