Friday, November 9, 2012

Remember: November 11, 2012

In Flanders Fields (1915). Beautiful poem written by the greatest poet in World War I, by John McCrae,

It's Your Life
Long weekend, Auction will begin again on, November 16th, Have a wonderful weekend. Live, Love & Give

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** A Cup Of Jo   Me, Joanna and My twin sister and I were born in Paris in 1979, and grew up in France, England and (mostly) the suburbs of Michigan. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2001, I moved to New York City. I launched my career at Cosmopolitan, where my editorial responsibilities included stopping good-looking men on the street and asking them sexy questions. 
** Shannon Hearts Hi!  I'm Shannon and it's so nice to meet you.  Welcome to my bloggy world.  I write about personal style, fashion, photography, travels and all the beautiful things that inspire me along the way.  My blog is lighthearted and fun. 

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