Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kid Cool: Baby Hammocks

When I think of sleep or relaxation, I think of a place where there's are no technology, a place where I have a great book with my favourite blanket and a super comfy couch.  Last year my daughter bought me a beautiful hammock from Mexico for my yard, and now I love to swing in my hammock with a cup of warm coffee on a chilly sunny afternoon, this is my new place to relax and its the best!!

Apparently the Hushamok Baby Hammocks are an alternative to the traditional baby bassinet offering the next best thing to mama's womb. Look at the the colours it come in...Its natural swinging and rocking motion that induces sleep in babies and are ideal for those babies that suffer from infant colic and reflux. I'm just waiting for a great excuse to purchase one.  These are so adorable!!

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