Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tot Talk: Kids with Beards

Who needs to shave? Not this little girl.., she just loves wearing the ULTIMATE Bearded 2-Stripe Beanie for KIDS!  Look who else is super cute and check out the styles....

Ha, ha, ha, this little guy is adorable. Get one for dad too and have a good laugh!

Wondering where your little one would wear a beard beanie?  How about: To school, while watching cartoons, reading a story, playing with toys and around the park. Now it's Dad or Mom turn: Skiing, rock climbing, snowmobiling, backpacking, snow shoveling, snowboarding, winter hiking, cross county skiing, ice fishing, paragliding, or any other uses you can think of.  It's best not to eat with it on! ha, ha  

Do you have one of these hats? I have one Question.., do they make you itchy?


  1. She? he? is so cute!!!

  2. Ha ha, right. The first picture is a girl, and that's all I know. Lol


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