Friday, December 14, 2012

Kid Cool: Happy Friday!!

I got an email yesterday and I have to share it with all of you!! I read it, clicked on the link and began to laugh right away.  Have you ever heard of Child's Own Studio?

The creator is Wendy Tsao and she creates stuffies (Soft Toys) for her 4 your old son. Her son would.. 
sketch something on paper and Mom would bring that sketch to life, using the perfect material and lots of love.  Have a look at some of the photos I took from her site. Oh, I also have the link too (later). Wendy has really come up with a fantastic idea and I truly think that it will go as big as the, "build your own stuff animals." I can see how this would bring laughter and love to everyone in the family. Here are my favourites. 

This one made me laugh the longest.  This brought back memories and is what most preschool teachers see in the classrooms. I love these drawings. This is how my boys drew back in the day, maybe they still do? ha ha ha, I can't get over it, even I want one of these stuffies. 
I always loved when kids drew in belly-buttons,  so hilarious.
I love this one too, actually I love them all! This little guy or girl has glasses. These Soft Toys look so well made, the colours are perfect and the size is perfect too.
The animal, I wonder if this was drawn by a girl.  Most girls love to colour in their drawings like rainbows and quite often they have the patience to complete it. 

This one really cracked me up.  My daughter used to draw herself like this (I'm pretty sure I still have the drawing.) Again with the rainbows, the hair with bows, long, long body and check out the feet, Oh and there is nothing better than the, "flower hands."  ha ha, so adorable. I'm smiling all the way through this post. Kids are so much fun.
Wendy, is incredible and I think she came up with something that every child and parent would want to treasure. Have a look at her Website. Child's Own Studio and Pinterest too. Wishing you great success Wendy Tsao!  Does your child draw like any of these photos?  Would you do this for your child?

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  1. I have seen this site before. I really like the idea and kids must love it.


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