Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kids Adventures: Christmas Skate

I think that December is such a magical time of year, beautiful coloured lights are popping up all over the neighbourhood, store fronts are decorated to entice a visit and the hill tops are glistening with snow. Invited by a friend; I visited the local skating arena for their year end festive skating Christmas Show.
Santa Clause is coming on a boogie woogie chop choo train - skate.  So many wonderful skaters...

Watching the skaters brought back so many memories. My kids were in the skating program and it was such a wonderful family oriented activity for my kids and myself.  If you get a chance, go to your nearest arena and check out the skaters in your community - you won't regret it.
                                   Superhero Preston Proudfoot - Canskate

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth ( Carter Proudfoot - Black Caged Helmet ) - Canskate
Harry Potter - Jr. Skate
Ho ho Pirates Christmas -Mason Fieldhouse - Canskate
These skaters were putting on a little show for their parents, friends and the community. The show was very well done and the best part for me was the adorable bloopers by the tiny canskate kids.  I'm so glad I went. "Name that child"  If you would like your child's name with the picture, comment below.. (tell me their name and what photo they're in.)


  1. Very cute, thanks for coming! You got better pictures than me!! Preston is the super hero being held up by the older girl, and Carter is the third tooth from the back, with the helmet with the cage on it.

  2. Thank you Johanna. I will put Carter and Preston's name up for you.

  3. Great photos from last night Pam. You can name Mason as the pirate if you want. I may have to get you to send me that one as I didn't take any stills only video.


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