Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tot Talk: Hair Twirling

Do you ever wonder why your child is constantly twirling her hair? Hair twirling falls into the 
category of comfort. Hair twirling is a built in self-controlling security, like a blanket, soother 
or mommy time.
A lot of children play with their hair but if they are pulling it out...,

Hair Twirling is a way for your child to release pent up energy. This type of activity may disappear as quickly as it came if you don't force your child to stop twirling her hair. The more 
you talk about it or pull her hands away, the more your child will feel your tension and the hair twirling may turn into a helicopter frizzy.
-To help slow down or stop hair twirling try these ideas and let me know if they worked for your 
child. Make a special beaded necklace and let her spin the beads. Place a rubber-band on her finger and let her flick it. Buy new bows for her hair and put her hair up into a ponytail and the last idea is one that many parents won't want to do is.., cut her hair short.
-The most important advice I could give you to help your child through hair twirling is to keep 
to your day to day routines. Give T.V. a break, play some soothing music or how about some 
cuddle time and a story before going out or before bedtime. Help your child to relax. Hey.., 
relaxing is good for her and it's good for you too.
-If the hair twirling is more dramatic and you are noticing bald spots or your child is pulling hair
out by the hand fulls, consult a Pediatrician.
Is your child a hair twirler? How did you manage to get your child to break the habit? 

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