Thursday, January 3, 2013

About Me: Me time.

Lets face it, moms have very busy lives with balancing the books, juggling the kids and their activities, cleaning the house and on top of it all some of us hold down another job.  Life can sometimes be mundane or out of control. It's really easy to fall into that guilt trap of thinking, if we take a break from our day we won't have time to - empty the dishwasher, picked up the toys or put a load of laundry on.... really?... so what!! The best advice my Mother-in-law ever gave me was, "don't try to be a people pleaser." Live for you. A cluttered house won't terninate true friendships. These household jobs will be there tomorrow and maybe even for the next week. For sanity sake.., take the opportunity to fit in some  ME TIME.  Here are some of my ideas for me time....
There were times when my family was on a serious budget. There was no way I could afford to spend money on myself, so for my "me time" I would sit alone with my thoughts and write. I love journal writing. I'd grab a book, and start writing about things that make me happy, where I'd like to travel and how important family is to me. Your journal will help you vent and keep track of your personal goals and accomplishments and it will also be a keep-sake for your children.
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I don't know where you live, but where I live the west coast weather is always unpredictable. Walking the beach is another wonderful way to get some Me Time. Grab a hot coco and take a stroll along the water front. You'll be amazed at how clear your thoughts will become. 
Once in a while I would really treat myself. One of my most favourite ways to relax is to have some Me Time at the Spa. On your spa day, Pre-arrange a babysitter and a wine or coffee date with your girl-friends. My number one rule is never go straight home after a Spa Day. A glass of wine or cup of coffee and a fun chat with the girls is a perfect way to end your day before heading home after the Spa. 

I know that if I get my Me Time - I'm so much more happy and I'm able to deal with my day. Love yourself ladies, because no one else knows your limits, except you.  How do you spend your ME TIME? Enter our FREE Dinner for 2 and a Shopping Spree.. Giveaway today.

Here are some other ideas that may help to give you a break in your day: Read something inspirational, get some Physical Activity , try Yoga and get in tune with yourself, body and mind. These Are Kids That Help Your Kids: Click Here

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  1. HI Pam nice job on the blog and helping out kids. When I want to relax I go for a run. It's the best way for me to get more energy.

  2. Thank you. It's what I love. I agree with you walking is amazing!!


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