Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tot Talk: The World can never have too much Casey!

Meet Casey Wright, a charismatic young boy even when times get tough. Casey's operation on his brain to remove a tumor was very successful. Casey mentioned that the doctor's just had to move his brain a little bit and then take the tumour out.

Have you heard of 12-year-old Casey Wright? Casey is the face for...,
B.C. Children's hospital and their charismatic spokes person. Sadly he’s been battling cancer almost since birth. Last Friday, Casey underwent a surgery to remove a tumour from his brain, and his recovery is yet more proof of his incredible spirit and the skill of surgeons.
I could listen to Casey all day.  He is a very bright, confident boy with such a delightful personality. Please give today. There are so many ways you can donate to BCCH. View our BUY page and donate today or our PIGGY BANK Your name will be continuously posted as soon as you donate.  Live, Love and Give.  Thank you. PLEASE VOTE for my site. I would really appreciate your help. :)

Could you be as brave as casey?

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