Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY: Bird Bowl

There is nothing better than making something handmade. Look what your kids can make with a little help from mom. All you need is a grapefruit or an orange, string, glue, beads and some bird seed. This DIY craft needs to dry over night, so make sure you tell your kids before you start. Take it from me, the birds LOVE their food bowl and it looks great hanging in a tree. I'm not kidding.., I love this!!

 There is more to learn..,

This is so much fun to make, invite your kids friends in and give it a go. Make a bunch and place them around your yard. How to make: cut a grapefruit or an orange in half and clean it out (makes for a great snack) Put glue all over the outside of the grapefruit and slowly wrap the string in circles (around and around) Completely wrapped the grapefruit bowl, then cover the string in glue and let it dry over night.
Cut a 12" inch piece of string and poke a hole through the sides of the grapefruit. Push the ends of the string through the holes, add the beads and tie a bow. This string will be the hanger.
Fill the bowl full of seeds and hang the bird bowl outside in the tree and watch the bird flock to the food. We made these three bird bowls. This is such a cool craft and other than getting very sticky.., the kids had fun making them. Get the kids to count the birds that come to their feeders and keep track in their Bird Book.  Don't forget to Like our Page at the top.
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