Friday, March 15, 2013


Finally a rap song we can all relate too.  This is a realistic video of family life and it's defiantly going to make you laugh or cry depending on how you feel.

Let me know if this is a typical day at your house and did you like the video as much as I did? What about this photo..,
* I came across this photo and just had to show you. I love IT!! I wonder where it was taken? photography  
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Have a wonderful weekend and take time to talk to ME. Tell me what you'd like me to talk about or what kind of post would you like to read about?  Is there something you'd really like to Bid on? Comment below and lets CHAT. :)


  1. The video was a hoot. My house is like that every day. I'd like to see a post on what age should kids have friends over night or over for a play? Love your blog.


  2. Really like the video, it is so true to life. Gorgeous picture of the little girl too. Was that taken by Mint & Lime?



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