Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wee Care Goes to Nesters Market

The new doctors have had their training and they are ready to open their clinic at Nesters Market on March 13th & 14th. at 9:30AM. Come out and get your free check up. Here are some photo's of our new doctors practicing their medical procedures. Join us Click Here
The new doctors practice putting on bandages. They learn the key points in applying bandages. The doctors will make sure that the patient is comfortable and tell them what they are going to do. The doctors make sure that the bandage is the right..,
size and they will make sure that the bandage stays on.
The new doctors may be more excited about the bandages than you are. Good luck with that!
The new doctors have training using the stethoscope too. The human heart beats 115,000 times per day and these Wee' doctors want to hear your heart beat! The doctors will sit you up straight and tell you to be very still and quiet, as they listen for the low-pitch soft sounding beats.
Bring in your pets too because some of these Wee' doctor's are veterinarians. Your pet can get a clean bill of health too, so bring in your stuff-animals or your real pet and let the Doctors take very good care of them.
See you at Nesters Market on March 13th & 14th at 9:30AM.  Wee' are so excited!!! Come out and visit us.


  1. I loved seeing the doctors at Nesters Today. What a very good idea to collect money for BCCH


    1. Thank you for coming out to nesters to support our cause.

  2. Good Job Wee Care. Thanks you for all your hard work. Laurie J.


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