Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Things BEES Aren't Telling You

Seriously what is happening to our Bees? It's easy to take honey bees for granted, but they are very important fro agriculture and the wider countryside. Though they produce delicious honey, the really vital service that bees provide is pollination.

    The problem for the honeybees is the blood sucking mite Varroa arrived in bee colonies in the early 1990s and soon spread across the country. The parasites leave larva deformed and spread disease. Visit this Link to find out more: Bee Facts

    Here are 5 ways KIDS can help save the BEES..
    1) Respect Bee Homes.  Don't knock them down
    2) Be alert but stay calm. Tell you child that Male Bees can be aggressive but they don't have stingers, so they are harmless.  The way to tell is the male bees have larger eyes. 
    3) Buy local honey
    4)Put Water Out.  Bees need water.
    5) Build a condo for the Bees. Drill holes into a piece of wood and make a cover for it so that the bees are dry.  no one like a wet home..., Right?  Here is a picture of a bee's Home

    Contest: Wee Care would love to see a photo of your child's favourite "space". Where does your child LOVE to sit or play? Send your photo into us at Email: hello@weecareclinic.com  We will post the photo's on another posting and pick a winner from Random. Starts today and ends June 30th. Winner will receive a gift card to White-Spot for a family night out.   Good luck everyone.

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