Monday, May 27, 2013

What Toddlers Don't Like About Outside..

NOTHING!!  Toddlers love being outside. Toddlers should have at least a half an hour each day of structured physical activities. They need an additional hour of unstructured activities, too. Plan to do several activities each day and to stretch each activity to 10 minutes or longer if your toddler's attention span will allow. Also, remember to bring your sun screen when playing outdoors.

Toddlers get their best exercise outside. Try a park or the beach. Look how much fun this little toddler is have and it's only a SWING!!   Big Brothers or sisters can help out too. Toddlers love to watch others and often copy what they see. Toddlers will play beside one another, but usually not together. This is a normal stage for toddlers and is called "parallel" play. 

A family day is the best way for everyone to bond and come a little more closer together. Share in the laughs with your children..., everyone, go out side! 

Contest: Wee Care would love to see a photo of your child's favourite "space". Where does your child LOVE to sit or play? Send your photo into us at Email:  We will post the photo's on another posting and pick a winner from Random. Starts today and ends June 30th. Winner will receive a gift card to White-Spot for a family night out.   Good luck everyone.

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