Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kids and Computers Yes or No??

I heard a mom talking the other day about Kids spending more time on computers and watching television every day than they do exercising. I wasn't shocked, but I was sadden by this news. I went home and started to do a little google search on this topic; Oh, yeah there's a lot of info on this subject.

One article was on Is Your Child a Screen Addicted to Screens? In this article they find that many kids can't even give up their gadgets  "for 24 hours."  Wow, do you think maybe we need to get this in check? Parents used to fear technology, but nowadays parents seem to be welcoming the computer into the families play time, study time, school time and now even relaxation (down time) is used for computers.
 I'm not one to lecture and "GOD know's I'm on the computer a lot." I never tell people what to do, but as a parent YOU are your child's first and very BEST Teacher.  It's ok, to teach a child how to Chat, Blog or Tweet, but maybe help your child to understand how to use the computer in a safe and healthy way.

Go back to the basics.., When, Where, What, How, Why and Who. When = Plan a certain amount of time each day for when children can use the computer. Where = Pick a place where everyone can view the computer at anytime and try to keep the computer in the same area everyday.  What = Discuss what your child can do and Can't do on the computer. How = Teach you child how to use the computer with respect and to give each other a little extra space while on the computer.  Why = Explain why you are allowing your child to explore the world of computers and explain how they can gain so much good knowledge from the computer.  Who = Lets make sure that your children know who they are interacting with. Help children to understand that they should tell a parents or a grown-up, if there is something they are unsure of -or- uncomfortable about with the conversation or interaction that they are having on the computer. Safety is the number one priority.
It is very important for children to play!  Let's have a balance and happy child.  A great way to have fun is to grab a bike and head outside. What are your thought on this subject? I'd love to hear form you. 

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  1. Love this post!! So very true - its so important to teach our children how to use the computer properly and safely.


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