Monday, September 16, 2013

Kids Brain Training

Are you Blog reader? I am, I search and read Blogs for most of my day. I came across a Blog called: Toronto Teacher Mom. . The writer of this Blog is Diana, she is a Wife, Mom and a teacher of grades 1 through 4. Diana teaches French and loves to record her family memories through her Blog. 

Her daughter is exploring the HP Canada Brain Training Challenge. Have you heard of it? There are games to improve science knowledge, teamwork and artistic skills by playing educational games that are fun and engaging. There are lots of free apps. This puzzle touch game can provide hours of family fun. Here's Diana's daughter using the puzzle app. "You can even use your own family photos."
This is post is brought to you by Toronto Teacher Mom.  To learn more, read along with Diana and her family. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who helps to make our Clinic possible! What great games do you let your kids play?
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